How Spare Selects Files

Spare has the unique ability to select files on your hard drive that you need to back up, so you don’t have to manually sift through directories selecting what you think is important.

The intelligent file selection automatically identifies files from virtually every application and folder you can think of, including emails, report, letters, presentations, and graphics.

Spare’s built-in-brains, called Presets, are meticulously researched and preprogrammed to select not only files and file types, but also the hidden settings and data needed to assure your backups match the original files.

Here’s a sample of just some of the files and folders Spare automatically selects for backup:

Microsoft® Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Internet Explorer®
Mozilla Firefox
Files in My Documents folder
Files in My Pictures folder
Files on the Desktop
Microsoft Money
And More ...