Why Spare Backup is Better:

Not all backups are created equal.

Have you ever opened a backed up file only to see a jumble of useless code?

Applications store important settings and code on your computer and without this data your backup files won’t look like the originals.

Spare not only knows where to find these settings, it also knows to back them up along with your files. That’s how Spare ensures that your backups look and work just like your originals.


Spare is worry free!

Spare was designed to be easy to use, and to allow you the freedom to never have to worry about your backup again.

Once Spare Backup is installed, backups are automatic, you don't even have to select files for backup, we'll do it for you.

Of Course, Spare Backup is also powerful and gives you choices to meet individual preferences.

We just didn't feel the need to make it complicated as well.


Spare Backup uses the most advanced security measures.

Spare uses the same security standards to protect your data as those used by the Federal Government and banking institutions.

Your data's safety is our number one priority which is why we have not one, but multiple Tier 3 Data Centers. This means your backup has a backup.

No other backup service exceeds our security levels. Our Spare Key Escrow Partner keeps your Key safe so that no one can access your data except you—including us!


Spare backs up your data online to our multiple Tier 3 Data Centers where it's best protected from fire, theft, and computer malfunctions.

And because your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer, it is safe during its journey through cyberspace to the data centers.

In fact, it is actually safer during transmission than it is sitting on your computer in its original state!

And you don’t have to worry about losing your data or maintaining current backups. Spare will backup your new and existing data every night or as individually scheduled.